Company Registration

Start trading today.

Our company registration services can have your company up and running by the next business day. You’ll be provided with your ACN, ASIC documents and Company Constitution. All you have to do, is click ‘Get Started’ and fill out the form.

Price: $720 (inc. GST + $576 ASIC Fee)

What’s included?

Upon company registration, you will receive:

Your Australian Company Number (ACN)

A unique 9-digit number generated by ASIC. Your ACN is required to trade as an Australian company.

ASIC Certificate of Incorporation

The original ASIC certificate which you can use to open a business bank account.

Member Consent Forms

Declare and confirm members in your company. All shareholders are required to review and sign off on these forms.

Share Certificates

Each shareholder receives their own certificate, making share ownership official.

Register of Members

Records the relevant member and shareholding details.

Company Constitution

A legal document defining how the company operates, and outlines the rights and duties of all company members.

Form 201 Copy

A copy of your company application form for future reference.

What do you need to get started?

There is no paperwork or ID verification involved in our Company Registration however, be sure to have the following information readily available before you start your application: 

Your company name

Every registered company requires a unique name. We will help you check the availability of your desired name during your application. Note, the company name is separate to the business name, although most businesses use the same name for both.

Key people

You will need to register the details of your company directors and secretaries. This includes their name, residential address, and place and date of birth. Note, at least one director must reside within Australia.


Individuals or companies can be shareholders, you will need their names and addresses. You also need to determine the type of shares they own and the share ownership per shareholder.

Registered office address

You must use a physical address, not a PO Box, as important company related notices will be delivered to this address, and you may receive occasional visits from ASIC. You may be able to use the address of your solicitor or accountant provided you have written consent.

Place of business address

For most people the place of business address is the same as the registered office address.


The Company Director must have applied for their Director ID prior to submitting the company registration application.

Why should you set up a company?

Limited liability

Setting up a company provides an additional layer of protection, limiting your personal liability .

Tax incentives

Companies have access to certain tax credits.

Avoid internal disputes

Companies enable an effective way to manage ownership and split profits between shareholders.

Enhance your brand

A registered company can enhance the perception and reputation of your business.

Investment opportunities

Increase your likelihood of attracting and raising money from investors.

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