Can non-Australians get a Director ID?

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray

If you are a director of an Australian company or are wanting to become one, you will need to have a Director Identification number (director ID). This includes directors of foreign companies that are registered with ASIC and conduct business in Australia, even if the director lives overseas!

However, where the director lives will affect how they apply for a director ID. If a director resides overseas, they can apply for an ID online only IF they have the required Australian identity documents. These documents can include:

  • an Australian birth certificate;
  • Australian passport;
  • Foreign passport;
  • Australian citizenship certificate;
  • Australian medicare card; or
  • Australian Drivers licence.

If you do not have these documents, or cannot apply online, you will need to complete a paper application for a director identification number – for people living outside Australia and submit certified copies of either, one primary and one secondary document, or 2 primary documents.

Primary documents include:

  • foreign birth certificate;
  • foreign passport;
  • Australian full birth certificate; and
  • Australian passport.

Secondary documents include:

  • national photo identification card;
  • foreign government identification;
  • drivers licence; and
  • marriage certificate.

If any of the documents you submit are not in English, you must also submit a written translation that an authorised translation service has certified the document as a true and correct copy. You can read more about this here.



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