How can I find the address of a company?

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray

To find the registered office address of a company, you will need to perform a search of ASIC’s registers. ASIC Connect allows users to perform a search of its registers and will allow users to access general information about a company for free.

By using the ‘Organisation and Business Names’ search function, you will be able to view details about a company, including the:

  • Organisation name
  • Unique Identification number (i.e. ABN, ACN, ARBN, ARSN)
  • Type of company
  • Registration date
  • List of documents lodged with ASIC; and
  • The locality of the registered office.
company details

However, if you require the exact address of a company, you will need to purchase a company extract that contains current information about a company. The extract will also include information about the company’s previous address, directors, shareholders and any former names. You can also elect to obtain historical information about the company.

When searching for a company on ASIC connect, you will see a list of documents that can be purchased for that entity. Currently, the cost to purchase a current company extract is $10 for an online version, or $13 if you require a hard copy to be sent by post. The cost for a current and historical extract is $19 or $22 for a hard copy. 



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