How do I check my current company address?

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray

If you are unsure what your current company address is listed as in ASIC’s records, you have two options.

  1. Log in to your company officeholder account

To log in to your company officeholder account (through the ASIC website) you will need your ASIC Corporate Key. This corporate key is posted to your registered office address within 10 days of registering your company. If you do not have a company officeholder account, you will need to register for online access through the ASIC website.

  1. Search ASIC’s registers for your company details.

It is important to remember, that ASIC’s registers will only show your company’s suburb and postcode, so it is essential you have activated your company officeholder account and can locate your corporate key.

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What should I do if my company details are incorrect?

If your company details are incorrect, you will need to notify ASIC through your online portal, lodging a form 484. If ASIC is not notified of changes to your company details within 28 days, you may be faced with a late fee. Our explainer video below shows how to lodge a form 484 with ASIC.



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