What is the difference between the registered office address and the principal place of business address?

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray

When registering a company, you will be asked for a registered office address and a principal place of business address, but what is the difference? 

registered office address is where all communications and notices i.e. ASIC correspondence or invoices will be sent. This address does not need to be the same as the company’s principle place of business. 

When choosing a registered office address, there are three requirements that must be met: 

  1. It must be in Australia;
  2. It cannot be a P.O. Box; and
  3. If the company does not occupy the premises of this address, the occupier of the chosen address must give written consent for the company to use the address as its registered office. 

On the other hand, the principal place of business is where the company mainly conducts its business activities. This cannot be a P.O. Box, as obviously you cannot run a business from inside a post box. The principal place of business is usually also where company decisions are made and/or the company books and records are kept and maintained. 



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