Is there a timeframe to notify ASIC of any company updates?

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray

Over the course of running your business, you may have to notify ASIC of certain changes to your company details. Common changes include:

  • Change of company addresses
  • Appointment or cessation of company officeholders (directors and secretaries)
  • Addition or removal of an ultimate holding company
  • Change of company structure (e.g. adding new shares, cancelling shares)
  • Transfer of shares
  • Appointment or cessation of members
  • Change of shareholder details
  • Change of officeholder details
  • Change of company name
company changes

To change these details, you will have to submit a form 484 through your ASIC officeholder account. To find out how to do this, you can view our explainer video here. It is important to note that ASIC must be notified of these changes within 28 days of the change taking effect. If you fail to notify ASIC within 28 days, you will be subject to late fees ranging from $93 to $387.

If you are unsure how to change these details, The Corporate Manager can assist you through our Company Maintenance Services Subscription. By subscribing to this service, The Corporate Manager will act as your ASIC Registered Agent and can submit Director and Shareholder change notifications on your behalf. Click here to find out more.



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